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Well, of course you can – at the Utica, IL public library!

Earlier this week I was on a little vacation out near Starved Rock in Illinois. It just so happened that I had a major group project due in class during my vacation, and had only minor internet access where I was staying. Still there was the need to be able to check emails and updates to the project whenever, and however I could.

So, Monday we decided to go for a hike at Starved Rock State Park. It was great. Not too cold, and I think we were the only people on the trails. We saw a whole family of deer. Anyway, fantastic scenery and an overall nice way to spend an afternoon.

Where is this all going? Well, on the way through Utica I had noticed the library, so on the way back I decided to stop in and see if I could check my email there. I wasn’t even sure they’d be open. It’s a small town of 1000 population, and it was a Monday night.

Yay! It was open and I was able to check my email. They don’t have a website as of yet, and this is the only picture I could find of the building online. (I wish it hadn’t been too dark to take a photo myself!)

Utica Public Library

There were several people there using the library, and everyone was so nice and helpful. The computers were set up right in front of the door with easy access – no need for a special code or library card number to log on. Just sit right down and use it!

They had various software titles available on cd-rom to use at the computers and there was no maximum usage time.

While we were there I looked around and noticed how they are using bookstore-type signage to help patrons navigate the nonfiction section easier. It was so obvious where things were, it was a great thing to see! This goes to show, you don’t have to be a large and rich library to employ the benefits of Library 2.0.

Oh, and they were great about recommending the best food around town too!

And now, back to my Guitar Hero practice – I’ll be back tomorrow with more on youtube and signage.

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