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I had to let my best friend go a few weeks ago and it’s been by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done and most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever dealt with. She spent most of her last day outside in the yard snoozing in the grass smiling her precious little kitty smile and purring nonstop. I miss her terribly and am sad that she won’t be along for the next camping trip, but glad she was still able to enjoy one during her last summer.

She was in my opinion, and I believe in many other’s opinions, a very special cat. She was super smart, loving, loyal, steadfast, calm, and so brave. She was like a stoic-type dog in a cat’s beautiful soft and fuzzy body. Never needy, but always happy to be loved and always there when I needed support myself. She often tried to fix my migraines with her purrs… I guess it’s the thought that counts in that case. 🙂

I know there’s no way to keep them with us forever, but I wish I had just a little while longer with her. Still, we had a great 18 years together. I’ll always miss you Skippy, but I feel very privileged to have had such a close and wonderful relationship with such an amazing cat. Thank you for spending your life with me.

skippy at camp site

In loving memory of Skippy.
August 1991 – August 2009
You will be missed always.

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