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It’s time for me to reflect on LIS768… I can’t believe the end is here! This class has been a lot of things to me.

I feel linked to everyone by wordpress, and enjoyed that aspect of becoming, in essence, our own social network. (Of course, that makes sense considering the name of the course is Library 2.0: Social Networks.)

The most important thing I learned was also my biggest Ahhah! Library 2.0 isn’t just about new technologies, but is really about customer service. I can honestly say I never thought of it that way until our first day of class. That was an eye opener.

I am glad we had an in person class for a course mostly about things that happen online. It’s hard for me to be really engaged in classes online. I tend to jump around and just do what I like, which is great for self-education, but not necessarily so great for a class.

The most amazing thing this class has done for me – Well, I’m writing a blog again, and writing regularly instead of once in a blue moon. Although, my MySpace blog has fallen wayyy behind, and I keep meaning to put a link to this blog on my profile… Okay, I need to do that. I do still find it hard to keep up with everything – but graduation should help that!

And I can’t top without mentioning the group projects. I’m not usually a big fan of group things, but I had a great time and learned a lot. I wish I could have done more to help Chris with editing the film we did, but now that I’m graduating I’m going to start learning how to do that myself. (Maybe even teach the teens at the library for Teen Tech Week!)

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I had quite a shock yesterday. For those of you who work with Innovative – Millenium – Milcirc or whatever you might call it this will be easy to understand, and I’ll try to explain it as best as I can for everyone else.

I’m finishing my degree at Dominican this Fall and taking my last two classes. One is this class, Library 2.0, and the other is Collection Development. Now I have no problem buying my books, but I already have several at home that I will never look at again. So, I decided to check out my Collection Development textbook through the library. I got my copy, but unfortunately it was due back before the syllabus came out, and I had to return it as another patron had a hold on it so I could not renew it. I thought, no problem I’ll just put another hold on it and the next one which is due back 9/4 will come my way with plenty of time to read whatever I might need to read. Well, yesterday I realized I should have had it a week ago. I looked at my record to find out where it was, and there I saw the most horrible thing.

Someone had altered my hold. I thought I must have missed something so I went to the title record, but it did not list my system wide hold. Of the three books due back my hold had been changed to an item level hold on the one due back last – 9/25. This won’t leave me enough time to get the book back and read it before class on 9/29, and that would only be if they actually returned it on time… I was shocked. A fellow student – another librarian (possibly more than one!) had performed this diabolical act. I am now going to have to find the $60 to purchase the book, and hope I can get it in time.

After looking through all the title records and figuring in when I had returned my copy so the person who had the hold could get it , I am certain of who it is that performed this deed. Yes, I know the name of the person. I’m not going to mention it here, but I know. There was a second book that was due back soon after that (around 9/11), and that one should also have come to me, but I can’t be sure if I was shuffled from one to another by a second person, who also shall not be named, or if it just so happens that the first person put my hold on the third book after it had been checked out by its current holder.

I had the ability to do exactly the same thing, or I could have simply held on to the book and dismissed my fines when I finally returned it, but instead I did the right thing. A fellow librarian and classmate has snubbed and insulted me. I won’t soon forget this.

If you’re reading this, you know who you are, and I hope you will develop a better sense of ethics before you graduate. Know that if I am ever assigned to do group work with you, I can assure you I will discuss this situation with the professor and ask to be moved to another group. It’s amazing to me what small acts come to shape who a person is.

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