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Yep, my first experience in a virtual world was on AOL.

So, come join me in my way-back machine and let’s head back to Arlington, TX in the year 1994. I had just purchased my first personal pc, hand built for me by my local Lucky Computers store. I was so excited! Not only was I graduating from my little Brother word processor for typing up all those term papers and articles, but now I would be able to use the Net every day.

Of course, my computer came with a free trial of AOL Online, so I signed up. I still remember sitting in my bedroom with my sister trying to pick out my username. I really loved Death from The Sandman series, but every combo I tried with her was taken. Somehow I ended up with velvet(because I loved the feel of velvet)boo(because I was being really silly). So, on AOL I became velvetboo – that username stuck with me for many, many years somehow…

I didn’t know too many other people at the time who had a personal computer, but I was ready to try out email and instant messaging right away. So I started looking for interest groups in AOL chat rooms, and ran across one for The Sandman comics series by Neil Gaiman. Well, of course, I was a huge fan (still am) so I wandered in and started chatting. That’s where it all began.

I met a lot of people, but one in particular became one of my best friends, and we are still great friends today. Even though we lived hundreds of miles apart, we were there for each other for ‘virtually’ everything life could throw at us. I soon moved on to ICQ chat, and a bigger, better computer, but that’s where it all started.

It’s so amazing how far things have come. Remember Commodores???

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