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Now, this is what I’m talking about! Way to go out in Medford.


Patrons at Milford’s Wadleigh Memorial Library can challenge a library student working in circulation to a rollicking round of DDR to pay off fines! Go here for all the details in The Cabinet.

Maybe if I stockpile articles on other libraries doing this my library will let me do it too! (I’m more of a Guitar Hero type though.)

Although, on another note, I’ve been considering hosting a Guitar Hero tournament at my library. I haven’t brought up the idea to my boss yet because I have yet to figure out the specifics, and I’d like to do that before I make a proposal.

Has anyone out there ever hosted a Guitar Hero tournament? If you have, how did you organize it – like the rules and stuff? That’s where I’m stuck trying to figure out how best to manage it.

Please email me or leave a comment if you have any ideas or experience that might help.

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I hope everyone had a great holiday. All of my wishes came true! I got Guitar Hero III and a dance game called Pump it Up! Although, I didn’t get Rock Band, but I’m working on it.

I did get a video camera, which I plan to use to get some footage up here of something interesting – don’t know just what that is yet… Maybe Skippy the cat going for a walk in the snow?

Probly my favorite thing is my new guitar! That’s right a real guitar so I can be a real guitar hero. While I was back in Texas for the holidays I got my Dad to teach me a few chords on his guitar, and even made up a song about not going in the barn at night – hmmm that’d be good fodder for the video camera… Anyway, I was having so much fun with it he got me one for my birthday, which is coming up this Friday!!

So, I get to learn how to play the guitar for real now. That’ll be a handy skill for story times. At least I’ll have something to keep me occupied this winter since I won’t be in classes cause I’m graduating!! Woo hoo!!

She’s a beautiful guitar named Matilda. I’ll put a pic up when she gets here next week. I couldn’t take her with me on the flight home with ATA cause they’re meanies! And after I spent 4 hours waiting for my flight to Texas… I do not recommend ATA. As a matter of fact I heartily discourage any flying with them. I’ve used them twice and both times have been horrible disasters. Maybe some time I’ll elaborate on those experiences a little more.

Happy New Year world! (Did you eat your black-eyed peas??)

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I have a new favorite thing…

I’m not sure why I haven’t played it before gaming night for class last week – we own the game at my library, and the teens love it. Granted they tend to want it all for themselves, but when I said to one of them, “How come y’all have never asked me to play?” She reminded me that she had, and I was too busy… Well, that’s about to change.

After I got home from our lively gaming class, I dragged my guitars (on loan from my fantastic boss at Brookfield Public Library), plugged them in to my PS2 and started playing. Needless to say, I went to bed way too late that night… My boyfriend is now hooked as well, and we have both played every night since. I started a band, LIBRARYSTORR, and I’m getting pretty good – whittling down the high scores now, and I find myself humming Kansas songs all day that I never even liked before.

How does this apply to libraries? I know the teens love to come here and play, because they do. My library has two different monthly events where we have gaming, and they are very well attended. Our last Late Night at the Library saw 54 teens in the building for 3 hours!

How does me knowing how to play the games figure in? I can relate to them. When they see me jumping around on the DDR mats, a little of that authority figure intimidation is gone. It brings some humanity to the library, and to me as the librarian. And, of course, there’s nothing more illuminating than having a casual conversation with a 16-year-old about how hard Freebird is on Medium.

As I continue to hone my new, if a little obsessive, skills on Guitar Hero I keep in the back of my head the practice of a fellow teen librarian that I’ve been impressed with ever since I first read about it on Jenny Levine’s blog, The Shifted Librarian. Maybe some day soon I’ll be good enough that teens in Brookfield can challenge me to release fines or get cool prizes.

Here’s a video of my first-ever Guitar Hero performance with my classmate and friend Marlene on bass (I’m the curly headed one on guitar), recorded by another classmate and friend, Ruth – The Utopian Library. (I swear I’m much better at this now!) 🙂 If you haven’t already, give it a try and enjoy!

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