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The line: on Twitpic

That’s me in the black right up front and center!  Woohoo!  (Neil Gaiman took this pic and tweeted it!)


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Now, this is what I’m talking about! Way to go out in Medford.


Patrons at Milford’s Wadleigh Memorial Library can challenge a library student working in circulation to a rollicking round of DDR to pay off fines! Go here for all the details in The Cabinet.

Maybe if I stockpile articles on other libraries doing this my library will let me do it too! (I’m more of a Guitar Hero type though.)

Although, on another note, I’ve been considering hosting a Guitar Hero tournament at my library. I haven’t brought up the idea to my boss yet because I have yet to figure out the specifics, and I’d like to do that before I make a proposal.

Has anyone out there ever hosted a Guitar Hero tournament? If you have, how did you organize it – like the rules and stuff? That’s where I’m stuck trying to figure out how best to manage it.

Please email me or leave a comment if you have any ideas or experience that might help.

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For a class project classmate Chris Breitenbach and I decided to create a short video documentary exploring the ups and downs of the space at The Harold Washington Library in downtown Chicago. This video is the outcome of our work.

Looking at the space through Library 2.0 goggles we found several issues with signage and physical barriers from the moment we walked in the several different doors.

In short, it’s a sprawling library, almost overwhelming, and it’s very hard to find what you need unless you’ve been there a few times with the patience to explore. The signs are confusing, the many entrances make it seem maze-like, and the popular library is hidden away near one of the entrances.

One thing I noticed was the plethora of guards roving the stacks instead of librarians who could be found behind desks. However, when we asked a librarian for help, she was very nice and helpful, and she gave us maps! If only, I’d had one of those ages ago.

I find the library in general difficult to navigate – and I’ve had an official tour…

It is a beautiful library, especially the Winter Garden, and I know a major redesign is out of the question, but maybe some new signage and a deep review of library policies are in order.

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This is an amazing program that I have been meaning to post on my blog for a couple of weeks now. Essentially, Nicholas Negroponte from MIT devoted himself to developing a laptop that was tough enough and affordable enough to essentially give away so that children in developing countries could have one. He did it, and now everyone else can help too.  When you buy one, the organization will give one to a child in a developing country.  Anyone looking for meaningful holiday gifts??

This is the website with all the details about the program.

And who else can tell you about it as well as Mr. Negroponte himself?

Here’s the long of it from the TED talks:

And here’s the short of it from the OLPCFoundation:

Libraries should be involved in this program!! Talk about increasing access…

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new czech library design

The new design for the Czech National Library. Read more here.

I’ll be visiting this place when it’s done , just gotta see it for myself.

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