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Well, there’s not really one single reason I love working with kids, and to be honest there are definitely those days that are trying, but they definitely don’t detract from the extraordinary days like today.

I was surprised today by my wonderful, energetic, talkative, exuberant, etc. Drama Club kids with flowers and cards (and even candy!) to welcome me back from having my gallbladder taken out. I almost cried!

And, to top it off they did a fabulous job on the fairy tale skits they’re working on for our storytime finale!

I may still be in pain, but this all made the pain seem much better. It works much better than the Vicodin has been even! I wish I could bottle today and keep it in the medicine cabinet for another day. ūüôā

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What a cool idea! Check-out-able library bags!

I was visiting a fellow librarian and friend at the Brookfield Public Library when I noticed a rack of library bags next to the circ desk. Then it got better! I saw they had barcodes on them! Wow!

So, when you come to the library and you decide to check out a lot of stuff there you go, just check out a bag to take them home in and then you can return it when you bring them back.

I happened to run into a former story time friend while I was there – I used to work there. His mom said they love using it. They have their own library bags, but sometimes you just forget to bring it.

I thought this was such a simple idea that has immense customer service appeal so I approached my current manager with the idea, and after a couple of discussions between managers it looks like it’s going to happen.

I love it! How easy is that and so wonderfully convenient for our patrons. I’m happy. ūüôā

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I had to let my best friend go a few weeks ago and it’s been by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done and most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever dealt with. She spent most of her last day outside in the yard snoozing in the grass smiling her precious little kitty smile and purring nonstop. I miss her terribly and am sad that she won’t be along for the next camping trip, but glad she was still able to enjoy one during her last summer.

She was in my opinion, and I believe in many other’s opinions, a very special cat. She was super smart, loving, loyal, steadfast, calm, and so brave. She was like a stoic-type dog in a cat’s beautiful soft and fuzzy body. Never needy, but always happy to be loved and always there when I needed support myself. She often tried to fix my migraines with her purrs… I guess it’s the thought that counts in that case. ūüôā

I know there’s no way to keep them with us forever, but I wish I had just a little while longer with her. Still, we had a great 18 years together. I’ll always miss you Skippy, but I feel very privileged to have had such a close and wonderful relationship with such an amazing cat. Thank you for spending your life with me.

skippy at camp site

In loving memory of Skippy.
August 1991 – August 2009
You will be missed always.

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The line: on Twitpic

That’s me in the black right up front and center!¬† Woohoo!¬† (Neil Gaiman took this pic and tweeted it!)

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Why do libraries spend thousands of dollars a year on Microsoft Windows licenses for pc’s that are only used for access to the internet?¬†

I’m no¬†expert by any means, so it’s possible that they think it’s worth it so they won’t¬†need a separate server for those computers, but in reality they probably already have a dedicated server for them anyway…¬† Or maybe they think patrons can’t adapt to a different operating system – more likely they don’t want to themselves!¬† Most patrons wouldn’t even notice the difference, and those who did would quickly adapt.

These computers often do absolutely nothing except provide access to the internet.¬† So why not use Linux?¬† And while we’re at it throw some open source software on there like Gimp¬†and Open Office?¬† All free, all useful to patrons¬†– how can this not be the right thing to do?

Just a thought on how we can save everyone a little money. 

And now I shall prepare for some relaxing in the good-smelling open air of Wisconsin with a wacky web developer and Skippy the camping cat.

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If you’re reading this blog you’re probably reading pretty green, at least when you can.¬† But…¬† are you really living green as you can?¬†

Check out these tips from The Onion to see what simple changes you can make.

Seriously though, Read Green and Live Green!

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I’m noticing this same problem on some other pages, so I’m wondering…¬† Did meebo do some kind of update that means I need to grab new code for my widget?¬† I guess I could just do it, but I’m feeling lazy today, and I liked it the way it was.

Oh meebo, meebo, meebo.  Where, oh where, can you be?

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I love telling stories and hearing stories. Who doesn’t? I went to the National Storytelling Festival for the first time last year and loved it! I heard the most amazing storytellers, and learned so much from them. It got me geared up and ready for my own scary stories night at the library for Halloween, which turned out to be a huge success and a blast.

However, as the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’, and while I don’t think any storyteller can ever be perfect – (the imperfections are part of what makes each storyteller unique and wonderful) – a little practice and observation is good for everyone.

So, if you’re a storyteller or just enjoy hearing stories you should check out this free monthly open-mic night at Dominican University in partnership with¬†Illinois Storytelling Inc. I certainly plan to take part, even if I just feel like sitting back and listening in… I might, at the very least, learn a great new story to share.


This following info is from the Illinois Storytelling Inc. calendar online:


April 4 – River Forest Open Mic Storytelling

DOMINICAN UNIVERSITY is now sponsoring a ONCE A MONTH open mic event for storytelling. Open Mic Night will be the first Saturday of the month, so mark your calendar and bring your stories. Bring your friends who want to learn how to tell stories. Bring your neighbors who want to hear stories. Eight minutes each.

7:00pm in the Rebecca Crown Room – it’s in the Springer
Suites on the lower level of the Rebecca Crown Library at Dominican University in River Forest.

Park in the west parking lot and go down the ramp; Springer Suites is direcly to the right as you enter.

There is a cafe just outside the room with coffee drinks and sandwiches.

7900 West Division Street
River Forest, IL 60305

View Map

For more information: jdelnegro@dom.edu or megan@meganwells.com

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Although this isn’t library related, I’m sure there are a lot of pet lovers in the library community who will relate, and can appreciate this.

The past few weeks brought back a lot of not so pleasant memories for me. It’s been two years since my wonderful, little old cat Skippy became a victim of the Menufoods pet food recall. She’s been fighting like anything for those two years with only 30% of her kidney function left, and heart problems to boot. The fight is getting tougher.

A couple of weeks ago she ended up in the hospital again with heart failure brought on by the subcutaneous fluids she was receiving to support her kidney function. She’s still fighting.

She made about three trips to hang out on the porch this morning before I had to go in to work. She just wanted to enjoy the morning sun and fresh air. She’s that kind of cat. And, she’s super cute. Here’s a pic of her on one of the many camping trips we’ve taken with her since she became sick.

Skippy in the woods at Roche-A-Cri State Park in Wisconsin.

Skippy in the woods at Roche-A-Cri State Park in Wisconsin.

Here’s to you Skippy the cat!! You’re the best cat in the whole, wide world!

I know there were a lot of cats out there who weren’t as fortunate as Skippy cat, and my sincerest sympathies go out to their owners. I saw many of them in the veterinary hospital waiting room every day that we went to visit Miss Skippy while she was herself fighting for life.

I’m very thankful that we were so lucky, but I also wish it had never happened. I learned a lot about the pet food industry the hard way, and I hope people will start putting more thought into what they feed their pets. I know I do.

For Skippy all it took was one week off her usual prescription diet food eating Iams select bites, and it changed everything for her and for me.

Today I came across a great article about what ingredients to look for in pet food on the SoulMates Animal Care Weblog. You can read it here.

There is great power in knowledge, and even greater power in knowing how to use it.

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Check out the Camping Club page for UPDATE 2009. We have decided on our destinations for this summer. If you’re interested in meeting up for coffee/tea/hot cocoa or marshmallows leave a comment or send me an email.

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