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What a cool idea! Check-out-able library bags!

I was visiting a fellow librarian and friend at the Brookfield Public Library when I noticed a rack of library bags next to the circ desk. Then it got better! I saw they had barcodes on them! Wow!

So, when you come to the library and you decide to check out a lot of stuff there you go, just check out a bag to take them home in and then you can return it when you bring them back.

I happened to run into a former story time friend while I was there – I used to work there. His mom said they love using it. They have their own library bags, but sometimes you just forget to bring it.

I thought this was such a simple idea that has immense customer service appeal so I approached my current manager with the idea, and after a couple of discussions between managers it looks like it’s going to happen.

I love it! How easy is that and so wonderfully convenient for our patrons. I’m happy. 🙂

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