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When we’ve got politicians like Rod Blagoevich out there doing the real pay to play thing I find it quite sad for people to focus on something like librarians playing Rock Band at work…  Come on people, let’s move on into the 21st Century!  We should be congratulating these librarians and their communities not condoning them…  So I say, “Way to go Nebraska librarians!!”

Read the story here:  TV News, State Officials Investigate Rock Band-Playing Librarians… But Weren’t They Just Doing Their Job?

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I can’t say I love the name, but I love what they’re doing.  You can sign up to receive email updates from your neighborhood library with new books, movies, etc.  This is a service provided to libraries for a minimal cost, but it’s free for users and there’s no time spent by librarians to get it out. 

I think it’s a great way to keep in touch with your users while you still stay on top of all the other services the library offers on a daily basis.

Check it out for yourself at wowbrary.org!  I looked, but there’s not a library in my area participating just yet.  Chicago what do you think?!

Here’s a sample of what a New York subscriber might receive in an email from Wowbrary.

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Okay, well it’s not quite that dramatic… but darn close – at least if you were to ask me oh a year ago.  Once graduation hit I went from the small and comfortable library in Brookfield to a larger library in Wheeling, and then to an even larger library in Chicago!  All in a matter of months…  It was a little stressful, but I learned so much from the experience and I really should have reported back here, but my new job in Chicago kept me very, very busy…

So, what do I like about Chicago?  I love the kids I’m helping, and the people in the community who really care about what happens there.  The excellent continuing education possibilities are incredible here.  It’s great to be able to preview the books before you order them.  However, I miss the gaming and the technology, the blogs and the podcasting.  I keep hoping I’ll be able to get it going, and maybe I will.  There are laptops on the way I think, so hopefully I can use those for some hands-on stuff with the kids. 

They love the computers, but I don’t think they know just how much they can do with them.  I’d like to show them, but I need the equipment to do it.  Gaming is sorely missed by me…  It’s rather frowned upon here so we have no games or equipment, and purchasing the equipment myself is a bit out of my price range.   I had considered taking my PS2 to the branch occasionally, but then my car was stolen.  So, probably won’t be doing that now. 

Life is weird, and wherever I go I learn a lot.  Oh yeah, one of the things I love most about being here is being able to tell stories!

I went to the National Storytelling Festival last fall and I think I’d like to make a podcast blog of stories I’m learning.  It’s definitely on my to do list. 

More later – cause I’m back!

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